podPress and Popularity Contest

There have been couple of patches for the feeds in podPress by Tim Berger, Update and bugfix for the atom feed and Bypass of the RSS Feed does not work. Currently they are in the Development Version. If anybody wants to add more, please make a ticket on the plugins trac and drop me an email.

Also recently had a look at the Popularity Contest plugin. It works well in WordPress 2.7 and 2.8-bleeding only the activation fails. To make it compatible a small piece of code has to be added to the beginning: global $wpdb;

This should go just above the first “if” statement, so it looks like this:

// add this 
global $wpdb;

// existing code
if (!isset($wpdb)) {

Tried to contact the author and send him this fix so he can add it to the plugin.

PodPress in WordPress 2.6

Yesterday had a quick look at podPress, the premier plugin for podcasting. It has a small incompatibility with the new Post Revisions feature introduced in WordPress 2.6.

PodPress seems to be in the middle of a large update. I’ve used the “experimental” version (8.9) of the plugin and emailed the proposed fix to the authors, however for the more impatient here is the patch:

function post_edit($post_id) {
	GLOBAL $post;
	if($this->justposted) {
	$this->justposted = true;

	if ( isset($_POST['post_ID']) && (int) $_POST['post_ID'] )
		$post_id = (int) $_POST['post_ID'];

	$this->settings_item_save($post_id, $_POST);

It goes in podpress/podpress_admin_class.php, around line 51. What it does is to make sure the custom post meta fields used by podPress are attached to the actual Post, not one of the revisions.