podPress and Popularity Contest

There have been couple of patches for the feeds in podPress by Tim Berger, Update and bugfix for the atom feed and Bypass of the RSS Feed does not work. Currently they are in the Development Version. If anybody wants to add more, please make a ticket on the plugins trac and drop me an email.

Also recently had a look at the Popularity Contest plugin. It works well in WordPress 2.7 and 2.8-bleeding only the activation fails. To make it compatible a small piece of code has to be added to the beginning: global $wpdb;

This should go just above the first “if” statement, so it looks like this:

// add this 
global $wpdb;

// existing code
if (!isset($wpdb)) {

Tried to contact the author and send him this fix so he can add it to the plugin.

18 thoughts on “podPress and Popularity Contest

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    • Yeah, it would. This code never runs in WordPress 2.7 not sure why it’s there at all. Was thinking to remove it but hopefully the author will do that.

  2. I don’t understand why people just do not update to PowerPress, the folks over at RawVoice have been very pro-active in supporting the podcasting community.

    Face it PodPress is dead.

    • I would L O V E to switch to powerpress. I’ve been AMAZED at all they’ve done. However they have yet to implement the one feature PodPress has that our site has been BUILT around….Premium Content. Until that’s added to powerpress, We’re stuck with Podpress.

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  4. Can someone make “Top Comments” plugin with negative votes like shown in this photoshopped picture?

  5. Alex King is prepping a new version of the Popularity Contest plugin that indeed works with the latest ver of WP, it has some major improvements too.

    I’m testing the new beta right now of the plugin and should hopefully be released stable soon *fingers crossed*

  6. this worked for my blog at blog.streetgangs.com, none of the other remedies worked. I have 2.8.

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