PodPress in WordPress 2.6

Yesterday had a quick look at podPress, the premier plugin for podcasting. It has a small incompatibility with the new Post Revisions feature introduced in WordPress 2.6.

PodPress seems to be in the middle of a large update. I’ve used the “experimental” version (8.9) of the plugin and emailed the proposed fix to the authors, however for the more impatient here is the patch:

function post_edit($post_id) {
	GLOBAL $post;
	if($this->justposted) {
	$this->justposted = true;

	if ( isset($_POST['post_ID']) && (int) $_POST['post_ID'] )
		$post_id = (int) $_POST['post_ID'];

	$this->settings_item_save($post_id, $_POST);

It goes in podpress/podpress_admin_class.php, around line 51. What it does is to make sure the custom post meta fields used by podPress are attached to the actual Post, not one of the revisions.

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  1. Similar fix might work in 8.8 (non-experimental):

    function post_edit($post_id) {
    	GLOBAL $post;
    	if($this->justposted) {
    	$this->justposted = true;
    	if ( isset($_POST['post_ID']) && (int) $_POST['post_ID'] )  
    		$post_id = (int) $_POST['post_ID'];
    	if($this->checkWritableTempFileDir(false)) {
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  3. Thanks Otto, that will work in 8.8. First I tried installing 8.8, but a few js errors popped up, so went with 8.9 that seems to be more compatible.

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  5. I can’t get either code to work. I’m using Podpress 8.8 with WP 2.6. Does Ozz’s code need to be on line 51 as well?

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  7. @ajTwist: in 8.8 the function “post_edit” is on line 576 in podpress/podpress_admin_class.php.

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  9. HELP the podpress neophyte! I am using wordpress 2.6 and podpress 8.8….now where exactly do I find the place to put the code that otto suggests to fix the 8.8 problems? thanks!!!

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  12. Thanks – the fix got podpress running again, just cut and placed into the code as described.

    Mind you that’s only half the story, no matter how may times I tell WP where the source media files are it looks for them elsewhere.

    I upgraded because of security issues and it’s been a headache since. Any advice on this much appreciated.

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  15. Why haven’t you linked to to Otto’s website in your post, all people’s responses are that his patch works? Are you writing a book or are you writing a hyperlinked-web-internet post?

  16. Finally did the manual update just b/c I was tired of waiting on MightySeek. It did in fact fix the Podpress, so thanks for that. However, now my RSS feed apparently isn’t loading…suggestions?

  17. As a sidenote, I’m currently using the Podcasting plugin with v2.6.2 and it works great as a replacement for PodPress! But you have to reenter all your old PodPress podcasts on each post.

  18. P.S. The spam filters really suck here so I can’t add a link to the Podcasting plugin on WordPress.org 😦

    Just do a search over in the plugins section there for Podcasting

  19. I’ve noticed the fix doesn’t work in IE, but does work in Firefox.

    Is there a fix that works with IE?

  20. The patch didn’t work for me, but changing the player option to popup only prevents IE from crashing.

  21. Problem 1:
    Do anyone has problem detecting the length of an MP3 file? It seems that it will detect the size of file but not the duration.

    Problem 2:
    The space characters ( ) is being put in the itunes:summary tag without the “&” sign. So any spaces will show up as “nbsp” in the summary feed.

    Problem 3:
    wma is an audio file extension, but Podpress think it is video format (Media File -> Type drop-down) and therefore unable to detect it properly.

    Anyone know how to fix these? Thanks.

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  23. Not sure if others are aware that there’s another WordPress podcasting plugin available called Blubrry Powerpress. It does not yet have all of the features found in Podpress but for the typical podcaster it does everything that’s needed. It imports Podpress settings and also has a setting to process previously created Podpress episodes. http://www.blubrry.com/powerpress/

  24. I am having the same WMA problem. it seems the developer of podpress doesn’t work with windows, which could explain why WMA is listed as a video type and not an audio type.

    Anyone know of a fix? The podpress forums are down so no way to get this problem in.

  25. I just enabled the ‘No Revisions’ plugin for WordPress (which is great even if you don’t use Podpress) and that fixed it for me a few months back.

  26. Just wondering if you have tried the PowerPress plugin by Blubrry? We are seriously thinking of jumping ship from PodPress because of the lack of updates. And, with the pending WordPress 2.7 release we are anticipating it to break even more than it currently is.

    So, just wondering what the buzz is about PowerPress and if it is even worth looking at.

  27. Rainy City Radio – Thanks for mentioning the alternative. I just tried it on my site ( wp 2.7 rc1) and it worked easily. After I installed it, I had to go to settings (can’t get to it under plugins) and select Blubrry Powerpress to allow it to detect the settings, etc and then save it. After I did that, I disabled and deleted podpress (forever!) and everything worked great! I am a small scale guy and my income is not related to this so take my info for what it’s worth…

  28. I have 2.6.5 and 8.8 and I can’t get it to work. I’ve used Oz’s patch and I still get frozen when I go to write. Any suggestions? I’m ready to switch to Blubrry.

  29. Spotted this just too late. Got rid of PodPress on one of my sites last night. Now using 1 Pixel Out which seems fine. Although it would take a lot of work to update all posts if you had a lot of podcasts on your site already.

  30. new podcasting plugin have import feature, then you can use it with this player, and there is a thread about converting on wordpress forum

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  32. For some reason, when I post my podcast, it never shows up in my feed reader. Is it supposed to take awhile?? Could I have accidentally removed something from page.php that WordPress uses to automatically add a link to the file in the RSS/Atom feed??????

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  34. Installed 8.8 and worked perfect until my last two posts. Both return errors from iTunes. They show up but do not download. I believe the conflict from my troubleshooting is NextGENeration Photo gallery 1.2
    Anyone have this issue? Find an answer?

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  36. @Paul Dymon

    I just started to see the issue. Mine is weird. I have a gallery on my homepage and I use this method to embed on the homepage

    but when I do the latest podcast shows up on the bottom. Help needed.

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  39. Didn’t work for me, because I had another error. I don’t use IE, but some of the blog users do, and when viewing blogs that have podPress enabled, the blog won’t load, and instead gives this error:

    “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site”

    My solution is to switch to PowerPress (http://www.blubrry.com/powerpress/), which works great, and imports all podPress podcasts with a simple check in a checkbox. What’s even better, it’s actually being actively developed, unlike podPress, which hasn’t come out with a new version in 2 years…

  40. Installed 8.8 and worked perfect until my last two posts. Both return errors from iTunes. They show up but do not download. What about if I get far cry 3 ?

    I believe the conflict from my troubleshooting is NextGENeration Photo gallery 1.2
    Anyone have this issue? Find an answer?

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